Roosk and Nearby

Roosk Landscape

The land area is cultivated, still some natural vegetation is preserved. The landscape is mostly covered with closed needleleaved evergreen forest. The area is classified as a cool temperate wet forest biozone.

Roosk Weather

August is warmest with an average temperature of 65.48 °F at noon. January is coldest with an average temperature of 38.66 °F at night. Roosk has no distinct temperature seasons, the temperature is relatively constant during the year. The temperatures do not differ much between day and night. Winter can have periods of frost, with the coldest month most often being January. May is on average the month with most sunshine. Rainfall and other precipitation has no distinct peak month.

Nearby Glengarriff

Glengarriff is a small seaside village positioned on sheltered Bantry Bay surrounded by high rugged mountains pocked with old bogs being farmed for peat. Notable among local attractions are the Italian Gardens on Garnish Island Inacullin, which may be visited by boat trip. Offering a broad view of the surrounding area, the round Martello Tower on the island was built to guard against a threatened Napoleonic invasion that never materialized.

In the nearby Glengarriff Forest is the glen that gave Glengarriff its name,  (loosely translated as: rough glen) containing some of the oldest and most extensive oak and birch groves left in Ireland. A short but steep trail leads up to Lady Bantry’s Lookout, offering a stunning vista of Glengarriff and the west Cork area. Also of interest are the Bamboo Park behind Toad Hall, the local amenity area featuring a new child’s playground and Blue Pool lagoon, nearby Barley Lake and the historic Eccles Hotel. Walking trails in the area are extensive, kayaking on the bay is regularly scheduled, and live music is frequently available in the evenings at local pubs, particularly during the tourist season. Glengarriff also offers shops, art galleries, pubs, restaurants & other services.